One of a kind and hand sculpted polymer clay earrings in a 2 pack. One pair of studs is created with a pattern made by  hand using mauve/brown, cream and gray tones. The second pair of green studs is also a pattern made by hand with white accents. 


Not intended for sensitive ears.

Neutral and Green

  • Earring Care:

    -Use rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip to clean your earrings.

    -Hold your finger on the back of the base of the earring and twist off the earring back when removing to protect the post.

    -Avoid dropping or bending earrings as they are made of clay and can break. 

    -Tighten any jump rings that may come loose with a pair of needle nosed pliers. 

  • Returns can be made within 1 week of the shipped arrival date if the earrings have not been worn and are still in original packaging.